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ScreenDaily Talks: How Asian production is bouncing back
Monday October 26, 09.00 UK time/18.00 Busan time

Experts from across Asia talk about how filmmaking is safely restarting in Asia, including a discussion of safe shooting protocols in different territories, and also how producers have nimbly re-imagining location shooting and refinancing of films. We also look ahead to the 2021 production pipeline, including trends of film financing across Asia and how to best develop co-productions during pandemic times.

The speakers are: Liza Diño-Seguerra, chairman and chief executive officer of the Film Development Council of the Philippines; Jeremy Chua, producer and founder of Potocol (Singapore); Jacqueline Liu, Hong Kong-based producer and production director at One Cool Film Production; and Kim Hyo-jeong, producer, Film Line (South Korea). The moderator is Wendy Mitchell, contributing editor, Screen International.

This instalment of ScreenDaily Talks is sponsored by Film Development Council of the Philippines.

The 30-minute discussion will be followed by a 30-minute live Q&A in which the audience will be able to ask questions to the speakers; advance questions can also be sent to ben.dalton@screendaily.com.


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